Wild Warner Minutes 02-03-2015

February 11, 2015

Marie Jacobsen, Chair
Jack Hurst
Marian Celesnik, Treasurer
Patricia Chakravorty
Mike Rewey
Blair Panhorst, Membership Coordinator
Marlene Hardick
Marcia Finger
Joan Ryan
Paul Noeldner (late), Education
Kathlean Wolf (late), Secretary


Blair acted as Secretary to begin the meeting.

Patricia’s introduction from the Urban Tree Alliance: She said the urban tree alliance has free trees for people to plant if they can get volunteers to commit to watering them reliably over the next 2-3 years.
They are planting oaks, Kentucky Coffeetree, sourgum, and a variety of other trees for diversification. The baby trees are 3 to 6 feet tall in 5 gallon pots and have tree protectors around them. She has talked with Charlie Romain who gave a tentative yes to the project. (Notes amended to state:) Final approval is pending.
Urban Tree Alliance selects areas where there was a low canopy cover and a 20% or lower poverty level, but some areas have mixed economic areas within them. Paul said that Kay Rutledge will want to tell us where to plant the trees. The trees will require 5 gallons of water per week for the first year but I didn’t catch the amount for the following year.
Mike Rewey wanted to make sure that we get trees that are native to Wisconsin. The trees are purchased from Possibility Place, in Illinois, and only certain ones are available, hawthorns and Hackberry are not available. The conclusion of the conversation was that WW offers sufficient volunteers to take care of 20 trees in 2015 to help replace the 80 ash trees that are being cut down.

Additional note from Kathlean: In reviewing the canopy coverage for our area on the Urban Tree Alliance webpage, http://www.urbantreealliance.org/resources/madison-forest/ , it is obvious that our area is considered to be low-canopy for two main reasons: 1. Warner Pond is water and marsh, yet on the map, it is included in canopy count rather than as an adjunct to the Lake. 2. Ball fields and the shopping area across the street combine with the water/pond factor to make it look much less tree’d than our area actually is.
However, being designated both low-income (Brentwood apartment area, Vera Court), and low-canopy gives us an advantage when it comes to remediating the insufficient replacement rate for our ash trees!

Kathlean took over note-taking at 6:15 p.m.
I. Patricia Chakravorty from the Urban Tree Alliance proposed providing trees to the park if we supply volunteers to water them. They have a variety of types of trees including trees that will fit into smaller spots. Large-growth trees to be planted wherever possible.
a. Mike Rewey requested we obtain only Wisconsin native trees, to general agreement.
b. All present voted that we would like to obtain these trees.
c. It was agreed that we would provide 10 volunteers to tend 20 trees for the pilot year of 2015.
d. Wild Warner will need to decide on what types of trees from their list of available trees we would prefer to plant.
e. Suggested that we add Urban Tree Alliance to our list of alliances. patricia@urbantreealliance.org

II. Marie stated that we need to develop consensus about the objectives for the coming year, 2015, based on Mission Statement.
a. Expanding membership and promoting awareness of both Wild Warner and of the park itself will be a major focus.
b. We will build a brochure of past achievements and activities, mission statement, and upcoming projects; membership form will be attached to the brochure.
(Amendment to notes:) Marie pulled together an informational brochure of WW for Jonathan, with the help of Jim.
c. Marie read our objectives for 2015 from the list compiled in October. Kathlean requested that we revisit this list and update it from current perspective.
d. Blair and Kathlean mentioned the similar discussion had during a meeting of the Membership Co-coordinators; the mission of Wild Warner has expanded considerably from simply advocating for the park with government agencies, to developing real outreach to the community.
e. Website integration and promotion:
i. Jonathan requests to develop a different theme for the website. He will talk to Jim about working with the web design program in more depth; this is likely to take two months.
ii. Kathlean is one of the admins on Facebook; need to be certain to integrate the webpage and the Facebook page so important information is not skipped over by those who only check one      of these two sites.
iii. Marlene noted that the blog on the Wild Warner website has become only minutes and announcements. Suggested that it become a blog again; Kathlean suggested there be separate links on the WW site to access minutes, board members, etc., so that the blog can stand alone. Marlene requested information about who is allowed to write blog posts; this question was not answered.

III. The following will be presented / completed by the March meeting:
a. Blair will develop a Wild Warner brochure for information and membership promotion.
b. Trish will have history of Wild Warner ready for the “WW info packet”.
c. Jonathan will update the website; progress report in March, updated by April meeting.

IV. Additional points:
a. Jack mentioned that Sally Swenson, City Engineer, will know by the end of February if we get the grant to evaluate / improve the condition of Warner’s wetlands. He also mentioned that Larry Palm and libraries were mentioned in the Northside News; we need to verify the nature of the proposed library projects.
b. With Earth Day on April 22nd and Arbor Day on April 28th, we need to solidify our plans for these days.
c. Jonathan is going to do a presentation about Wild Warner to students at MATC on February 10th as part of the Trio Program, and will speak with the Community Service Board about getting volunteers from the general student population. He will have student volunteers working in the park on March 28th and April 25th.
i. Suggested projects: digging holes for trees to be planted in April; canoe / kayak trash-pick-up; building bird houses, mason bee houses, etc. Bird houses require permission from Parks and also require lumber.
d. Several members left to begin the Owl Walk.
e. It was mentioned that we need to get the Wild Warner Logo in good shape for use with our alliances, including MATC.
f. Kathlean mentioned grant program to be applied for under the Wild Warner banner; will write up and present to Board members for a vote, by email, as these grants are due before the March WW meeting.

Meeting Concluded at 7:15 p.m.

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Wild Warner Minutes 12-03-2014

December 8, 2014

In attendance:
Jonathan Santana, Webmaster
Marian Celesnik, Treasurer
Marie Jacobsen, Chair
Tim Nelson, PR and Info
Kathlean Wolf, Secretary
Trish Okane, Advisor
Mike Rewey, Advisor, Engineering
Joan, new to meeting
Jack Hurst, Advisor, Fishing
Paul Noelder, Education Coordinator
Blair Panhorst, Membership Co-coordinator

Jonathan: 3 bald eagles; Marie: 8 turkeys; Jack: goldeneye, buffleheads; Paul: 61 swans at the Maple Bluff boat landing, buffleheads, goldeneyes, tundra swans, and one zombie-frog

Intro Notices:
Paul is trying to get a notice in the paper about the health of the lakes.
Blair mentions least weasels are at the Great Lakes Nature Center.
Jack reports that the no-trespassing signs on Governor Island are being taken down.

Listed Agenda Business:
I. WEEB (Wisconsin Environmental Education B…?) Grant, Paul and Trish
a. Brentwood gardens and UW extension are interested in bringing Wild Warner on board in the grant as partners for the Brentwood neighborhood children. Tentative support expressed by 8 of   11 members.
b. Motion to defer was passed: Paul and Kathlean will research and report back 6 January 2015.
c. Contacts: Kate Howard in Brentwood, Sharon Lezberg at UW Extension.

II. New name for Castle Creek has been submitted. City expressed approval; DNR will review in January

III. Ash Tree Report:
a. Jim in absentia submitted the Wild Warner Ash Tree policy, one copy per person. Will have it before the City Parks Dept next week.
b. Marian attended Parks Dept. ash meeting. Parks refused to talk about park trees. Said ash tree mortality spikes at 6 year mark, sudden deaths are what the City is trying to “get ahead of,” rather than responding to the disease. Adopt-a-tree is ineffective.
c. Trees will begin to be cut down in January or February if we do not stop the current plans.
d. Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. is a Parks Commission meeting at Warner Rec.
e. Need for a much larger view of tree management: Asian Longhorn Beetle will be invading maples, other illnesses related to failed biodiversity can be expected.
f. Jim is going to send letter to Larry Palm to get his support for our Ash policy
g. Paul, Kathlean, and Tim will work on public awareness signs.
h. Chris Williamson—etymologist wants to treat trees instead of kill them all—potentially an extension of industry, as some of the chemical companies sponsor him, speaking Tues, 9 Dec, at 7 p.m. Penney Branch Local Library
i. Eric Knepp suggests coordinating Bird City 2015 with promotion of Ash Tree replacements

New Business:

IV. Master Planning / Coordination:
a. $25,000 Master Plan, managed by Jacob Tisue
b. Jim states that DNR is announcing wetland restoration at Warner Park Lagoon.
Correction: Jim emailed me to correct that this was not part of his message sent through Trish. Email later sent out to group from Jim, stating, “I just learned that this Wednesday – the 17th, the Public Works Committee takes up a resolution to accept the DNR plan to study the wetland, submitted by engineering.” Minutes-taker is confused.
c. Sally Swenson is writing for DNR Lake Planning Grant.
d. Jacob Tisue is to be invited to next Wild Warner meeting to share his view of the Master Plan

V. Definitions:
a. Need to get a definition (before the City? or in the Master Plan?) defining “Natural Area.”
b. “Green line” is a temptation for builders to impinge right up to green line. Need to create
c. low-maintenance areas at the City level—policy for treatment and non-treatment

VI. Member Business / Comments / Requests:
a. Blair suggests Events Calendar. Jonathan will look into best way to manage online.
b. Kathlean is compiling contacts list.
c. Jack suggests everyone interested sign up for “Lake Tides” out of Steven’s Point.
d. Trish invited all present to Sing to the Trees on 21 Dec at 5:30 p.m., socializing to follow. Meet at Jim and Trish’s.
e. Wild Warner Walk is at 1 p.m. on the same day, meeting at the Rec Center.
f. Blair requested a history of Wild Warner be made available. Paul added, information on the ecology and the history of the park as well. Will be useful for new members, as well as posting on Crane Wall. Trish will help write up the history of the group from her dissertation notes.
g. Fireworks Island: troop was out there; deadheaded plants to dry and seed in the spring. Wayne Paulie can get us hooked up with seeds from Cherokee.

h. Paul’s Items, following meeting with Erik Kneppe, Parks Director:
i. interested in posting Bird City signs along major roads / parks
ii. Dedicate a Nature Education Center at Warner Rec.
iii. Promote nature education
iv. Larger picture: City initiative to promote a Mission Statement regarding nature as being central to freakin’ everything.
v. Coordinate Arbor Day with Bird City, Ash tree efforts—focus on educating about insectivores and value of bird habitat
vi. Someone wants an osprey tower (with camera!) because no one’s precious wood-ducks would be harmed anyway
vii. Kathlean suggests advocating for “Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights,” which was proposed to the legislature last year but not taken up. Coordinating with the advocates for this concept would strengthen wording of all grants / definitions.
viii. Paul also mentions need for subcommittees to deal with issues of fundraising; setting up Birds video display; setting up backpacks for kids, etc. Ref back to Brentwood Gardens kids’ projects coordination.

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Wild Warner minutes 11-11-2014

November 11, 2014

Present:  Jim Carrier, Marian Celesnik, Marie Jacobson, Marcia Finger, Dolores Kester, Karen Hickel, Jack Hurst, Audrey Kalzor, Tim Nelson, Trish O’Kane, Blair Panhorst, Paul Noeldner, Mike and Pam Rewey, Jonathan Santana, Karen Wolf
Nature Sightings:  Three White Pelicans, Bald Eagle
1)  Nature photo exhibit by Arlene Koziol is up at the Warner Park Recreation Center. 
      -Look for Paul’s article in the next Northside News.
2)  Mike will write a letter to Engineering, thanking them for a job well done.  The seeding is native plants, not grass.
     – Mike will write a second letter, asking about tree and shrub replacement.
     – We need to clean out the rocks when trash accumulates.
     – Paul is working on getting the cunette renamed as ‘Castle Creek’  The DNR would be the one to rename.
3) The Ash trees are ribboned, but not the ones in the woods. More info is needed, besides the two existing signs, so that people know what the ribbons mean. A motion passed asking for a moratorium on cutting, to cut only as need, not wholesale cutting. Plant replacement trees first and save some trees by treating. The Adopt-A-Tree program is not a real solution. We need a more affordable way to treat trees. Jim will draft a letter to be sent to Parks, the Alder and the Mayor.
4)  Deep piles of Oak leaves have been blown into the woods. time will send a letter to Craig Klinke.
5)  Dave Marshall’s study of the lagoon was paid for by the Yahara Fisherman’s Club.  Jack passed out copies.
      -Sally Swenson from Engineering is looking into getting a grant from the State for a more extensive study.
6)  Bird and nature walks for 2015 will be every third Sunday at 1:30.
7)  Election of officers:
      Marie Jacobson – President
      Paul Noeldner – Education Coordinator
      Marian Celesnik – Treasurer
      Kathleen Wolf – Secretary
      Blair Panhorst and Karen Hickel – Membership Coordinators
8)  Jonathan Santana volunteered to operate the website.  Jonathan will also let the Volunteer Center as MATC know of our work projects as they come up.
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Minutes – October 2013

November 6, 2013

Wild Warner Committee Meeting October 2013
Wildlife Sightings: Cormorant, geese, rose breasted grosbeak, osprey, juvenile fox, barn owl, puff balls, hummingbird, Wild Warner novices, pileated woodpecker, bluebirds, great egret, cedar waxwing, hawks, downy woodpecker, nuthatch, sphinx moth
November Elections:
Chair and Vice Chair – Tim, Marie?
Treasurer – Marian
Secretary – Marian
Membership Coordinator – Kelly?
Education Coordinator- Paul, Karen
Council – ?
Council -?
Council -?
Education Coordinator is vital to continue Wild Warner’s name.
Ideas: Grad students from Nelson Institute (Trish)
Membership dues need to be created and reviewed at the beginning of the calendar year.
Ideas for Wild Warner 2014
Continue Alliances,
Walks important ( Paul monthly) ,
Membership Drive ( 4th of July- Booth),
Count of pedestrians/ usage of Park (monitor areas all year include statistical analysis),
4th of July Festival walk at the shooting island on the 4th,
Maintain space in Community Center,
Need more media coverage, develop calendar
Need to document who lives in WW (trees, vertebrates, invertebrates)\Trish is going to head this up with possibly the Nelson students
Tree planting in spring
Work on water quality/ dredging, sand trap near dog park needs to be addressed, ,fishery, catch basins, spot dredging instead of basins,
Need to set aside 20 minutes at next meeting to talk about water quality ideas and strategies.
Park Department can we get them to bring monies in for Wild Warner?

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Wild Warner elects new leadership

October 3, 2012

Tim Nelson was unanimously elected chair of Wild Warner on Tuesday night.

Our current treasurer, park watchdog and a tireless and cheerful volunteer, Tim will lead our growing nonprofit through 2013.

In addition, three members have been added to the Wild Warner Council. Here is the complete slate:

Chair                       Tim Nelson

Treasurer                Marian Celesnik

Secretary                 Marie Jacobsen

Education               Brooke Williams

PR/Membership   Marlene Hardick and Matthew Hickel

At Large                  Dolores Kester

At Large                  Karen Hickel

Web Master           Jim Carrier


Migratory Bird Walk – Saturday June 2

May 30, 2012

Warner Park is full of migrating birds. Here’s your chance to see and hear them,
and learn from Warner’s resident bird expert.

Join Wild Warner and Madison Audubon on a migratory bird walk Saturday morning,
7 – 9 a.m.

Meet at the WPCC parking lot at 7 a.m.

This is family-friendly walking tour, through the meadow, the woods and around
the wetland.

Bring your camera.

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Rubbish Runners – new group cleaning up parks

May 13, 2012


I am a northside resident and want to let you know about the group I started, Rubbish Runners, to help clean up local parks and public areas. I think we have a shared interest because right now I am focusing on picking up trash in the Warner Park area.

Local runners and walkers are invited to join the newly-formed Wisconsin Rubbish Runners, a non-profit group that encourages participants to pick up trash in local parks and public areas. For more information visit http://www.facebook.com/RubbishRunners or follow us on Twitter, https://twitter.com/#!/RubbishRunnersW

If you could pass this on to your members to see if they are interested, it would be greatly appreciated.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time.

Jennifer Fetterly

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Brentwood walk against violence 5/16 7 p.m.

May 11, 2012

Warner Park’s larger ecosystem has been shaken by yet another shooting, this time in Brentwood. The police have acted swiftly, and the neighborhood hopes to channel fear into closer personal, interracial relationships, and a long-needed neighborhood center.

Without positive solutions this crime will reinforce negative attitudes about the North Side, and could impact our attempts to keep the park wild. The notion that Warner’s thickets harbor criminals, along with foxes and catbirds, has been difficult  to dispel.

Our programs have brought many young neighbors into the park, shown them respite and wonder; shielded them, however briefly, from strife outside the park; and demonstrated that the natural world is an antidote to forces that threaten civic life.

Brentwood has been a Wild Warner partner and supporter, and I ask you to return the favor, and join these neighbors in a short walk next Wednesday evening, May 16.

Jim Carrier, chair

Here is the invitation:

To all Northside Neighbors: Pleae join us to show your support.

In response to the shooting that occurred recently on Brentwood Parkway, we will have a Community Response Walk in support of our neighborhood and all the good people living here. City of Madison Police will join us on foot, bicycle, and horseback!

We will meet at St. Paul Church, the parking lot located off of Fremont at 7:00, Wednesday, May 16. The walk will leave from behind the church.

As a group we will then walk down Fremont to Trailsway, up Calypso, cross to Brentwood Parkway on Wyldewood, down Brentwood Parkway and on Trailsway and up Monterey.

We will then have some refreshments and social time in Monterey Park. Others from the Northside will be joining us. Dr. Wayne Dyer says there are only two important things to remember, either we have fear or we have love. Let’s all put some love out there.

We plan to continue this on a weekly basis.

Questions – contact Dolly O’Laughlin, President, Brentwood Village Assn. 249-8796 or the Northside Planning Council are 661-0060 ext 2.

February 2012 agenda

February 5, 2012

Interim Chair for three months March – May
Marlene recommends names from hat and rotate. Two cochairs/month who will develop agenda, chair monthly meeting, track meetings/issues of Madison Park Commission, City Council, Warner Park Plan, communicate with WW members by email as appropriate.
Email list – Rules for distribution
(Web site – anyone familiar with WordPress?)
Facebook page “Wild Warner Inc” Who is Facebook member?

Warner Master Plan – update and strategy – Tim
Neighborhood meetings
Other partners

City contract for 2012. Click here for copy.
Study update – Jim
Evjue foundation and DNR grant – Jim
Park Board – Tim

DNR fishery meeting  – Jack and Jim

Open space Plan – Tim  3/14/12 Park Commissioners

Owl Walk Report – Marlene
Nature walks – Brooke
Summer program grant – Brooke and Marlene
Brochure? – Marie
Geese? – Kathie
Parks cooperation – no word

New Business and Ideas

Northside Nonprofit meeting Friday – Jim
Multi Use Trail  Position?    Dolores.
Earth Day activity? Article for April Northside News, deadline March 5?
Field Trips?
Crex Meadows for Prairie Chickens?
Wis Ornitalogical Society Convention in May at Holy Wisdom Monestary ($20)
Crane Foundation in Baraboo in spring for dancing, mating, cranes;
Wildlife rehab ceter at DC humane society?
Audubon Art Fair–Kathie?
WW tabling at Summer Farmers Market–Marlene?
Meteor shower in August?
Speakers at meetings?

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Plants have stories to tell

January 18, 2012

The Friends of Cherokee Marsh present:

Prairie Lore and Plant Stories with Dane County Parks Naturalist Wayne Pauly

In a special presentation of “Prairie Lore and Plant Stories,” Dane
County Parks Naturalist Wayne Pauly will share his tales about
prairies, their plants, and the people who have lived and worked on
the land. We’ll also have free refreshments, door prizes, and a
silent auction of a framed, original, nature-themed cartoon from
cartoonist P.S. Mueller.

Saturday, January 21

10:00 – 10:30 am: Friends of Cherokee Marsh annual member meeting
10:30 – 11:30 am: Prairie Lore and Plant Stories

Everyone is welcome at both events.

Lakeview Branch Library, 2845 North Sherman Ave. (next to Pierce’s Market)

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