Wild Warner Leadership and Membership

Wild Warner elected its first official council, under its bylaws, in September 2011.
Our current elected leaders are as follows:

President: Marie Jacobson
Treasurer: Karen Hickel
Secretary: Marian Celesnik
Education Coordinator: Paul Noeldner
Membership Coordinator: Karen Hickel

Wild Warner and its meetings (6-8 p.m. second Tuesday of every month at the Warner Park Community Recreation Center) are open to anyone. You may participate in discussions, and bring any ideas or problems or wildlife sightings to our attention. We welcome you.
To vote on Wild Warner positions, however, you must be a dues-paying member. Our dues are low:

  • Student Membership: $10.00
  • Senior Citizen Membership: $10.00
  • Individual Membership: $15.00
  • Family/Household Membership: $20.00