Minutes from July 5, 2011 meeting.

Wild Warner Meeting July 5, 2011

Sightings: Turkey vulture. fox, snapping turtle, second batch of Bluebirds, Coopers hawk

By Laws: Dolores drafted a set of by-laws and there was a motion to
accept them as of July 5th, 2011

Brentwood Program Update: Alex stepped down as the coordinator of the program. Trish was able to save the program by using 5 students from the UW as interns. 15 kids attended the first program. Success!!
There was talk about loaning or renting the binoculars that were purchased with the grant monies. Having 3-4 pairs at the community center to check out. Still deciding on best way to get them out to the public for use.

Rhythm and Booms: Want to do some investigating of the product that is being used during R & B.
Concerned about the physical aspect of what R & B is doing to the pond.
Also interested in the chemical aspect of R & B (heavy metals).
Need to estimate the quantity of product that was used.
Need for scientific data.
Do we need to talk to the DNR about regulatory and pollution issues?
Talk of laser as an alternative light show.

Geese: Kathie, Lori and Timothy have been very busy. They want to personally meet with the mayor and find out his stands on the Geese issue. Question of whether or not the mayor’s office has authority over the Parks Department arose.
Over 200 geese have been slaughtered and they have only done the south and west areas.
During August or September the official request will be made to meet with the Mayor.

Sandy has been working in the meadows cutting out invasive plants in the prairie.
Talk of getting the Parks Department approval came up and will be followed up with an invitation for Mr. Klinke to come to a meeting and get feed back and approval from the Parks Department.