Pair of foxes spotted in Warner’s meadow

Out for a dog walk Saturday at dusk, we stopped in our tracks at the sight of TWO red foxes. One scampered away, but this one watched us long enough for me to run home and get the camera.

He (she?) even trotted closer, to get a better look at us.

I was using an electronic zoom and hand-holding the camera. Even with image stabilization, it was impossible to get a real sharp image.

This is our first sighting of two foxes, which holds promise of kits in the spring.

As cute as they are, these foxes are wild animals. Do not feed them – that will habituate them to humans and human food, a practice that could end in their destruction by animal-control authorities.

And do not let your dogs run free, a practice we often see in the meadow. Dogs will pick up the fox scent, and pursue them, a chase that will reduce the animal’s energy stored for winter. The scent left by dogs will also make the fox wary of venturing out for food, which has become abundant in the no-mow meadow.