Brentwood walk against violence 5/16 7 p.m.

Warner Park’s larger ecosystem has been shaken by yet another shooting, this time in Brentwood. The police have acted swiftly, and the neighborhood hopes to channel fear into closer personal, interracial relationships, and a long-needed neighborhood center.

Without positive solutions this crime will reinforce negative attitudes about the North Side, and could impact our attempts to keep the park wild. The notion that Warner’s thickets harbor criminals, along with foxes and catbirds, has been difficult  to dispel.

Our programs have brought many young neighbors into the park, shown them respite and wonder; shielded them, however briefly, from strife outside the park; and demonstrated that the natural world is an antidote to forces that threaten civic life.

Brentwood has been a Wild Warner partner and supporter, and I ask you to return the favor, and join these neighbors in a short walk next Wednesday evening, May 16.

Jim Carrier, chair

Here is the invitation:

To all Northside Neighbors: Pleae join us to show your support.

In response to the shooting that occurred recently on Brentwood Parkway, we will have a Community Response Walk in support of our neighborhood and all the good people living here. City of Madison Police will join us on foot, bicycle, and horseback!

We will meet at St. Paul Church, the parking lot located off of Fremont at 7:00, Wednesday, May 16. The walk will leave from behind the church.

As a group we will then walk down Fremont to Trailsway, up Calypso, cross to Brentwood Parkway on Wyldewood, down Brentwood Parkway and on Trailsway and up Monterey.

We will then have some refreshments and social time in Monterey Park. Others from the Northside will be joining us. Dr. Wayne Dyer says there are only two important things to remember, either we have fear or we have love. Let’s all put some love out there.

We plan to continue this on a weekly basis.

Questions – contact Dolly O’Laughlin, President, Brentwood Village Assn. 249-8796 or the Northside Planning Council are 661-0060 ext 2.