Rhythm & Booms – a plane full of pollution from China

The following letter to the editor was published in the Wisconsin State Journal on Jan. 31:

By Jim Carrier

Warner Park has been considered an “ideal” fireworks venue because of its vast lawn surrounding a body of water that conveniently provides a fire dousing barrier and deep-water trash barrel.

But that body of water is a state-designated wetland, an ecosystem of water and plants and animals that demand a higher standard of protection. The city’s water tests clearly show spikes in chemicals, notably perchlorate, from the fireworks.

No matter what the full chemical tests might show, or whether they pose a public health threat, I would ask that Rhythm & Booms fans visualize this: After the flyover by American fighter jets, imagine a flyover by a plane from China dumping tons of Chinese-made chemicals and debris into our wetland. That’s been the reality for 20 years.

How patriotic is that?