Wild Warner Minutes 12-03-2014

In attendance:
Jonathan Santana, Webmaster
Marian Celesnik, Treasurer
Marie Jacobsen, Chair
Tim Nelson, PR and Info
Kathlean Wolf, Secretary
Trish Okane, Advisor
Mike Rewey, Advisor, Engineering
Joan, new to meeting
Jack Hurst, Advisor, Fishing
Paul Noelder, Education Coordinator
Blair Panhorst, Membership Co-coordinator

Jonathan: 3 bald eagles; Marie: 8 turkeys; Jack: goldeneye, buffleheads; Paul: 61 swans at the Maple Bluff boat landing, buffleheads, goldeneyes, tundra swans, and one zombie-frog

Intro Notices:
Paul is trying to get a notice in the paper about the health of the lakes.
Blair mentions least weasels are at the Great Lakes Nature Center.
Jack reports that the no-trespassing signs on Governor Island are being taken down.

Listed Agenda Business:
I. WEEB (Wisconsin Environmental Education B…?) Grant, Paul and Trish
a. Brentwood gardens and UW extension are interested in bringing Wild Warner on board in the grant as partners for the Brentwood neighborhood children. Tentative support expressed by 8 of   11 members.
b. Motion to defer was passed: Paul and Kathlean will research and report back 6 January 2015.
c. Contacts: Kate Howard in Brentwood, Sharon Lezberg at UW Extension.

II. New name for Castle Creek has been submitted. City expressed approval; DNR will review in January

III. Ash Tree Report:
a. Jim in absentia submitted the Wild Warner Ash Tree policy, one copy per person. Will have it before the City Parks Dept next week.
b. Marian attended Parks Dept. ash meeting. Parks refused to talk about park trees. Said ash tree mortality spikes at 6 year mark, sudden deaths are what the City is trying to “get ahead of,” rather than responding to the disease. Adopt-a-tree is ineffective.
c. Trees will begin to be cut down in January or February if we do not stop the current plans.
d. Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. is a Parks Commission meeting at Warner Rec.
e. Need for a much larger view of tree management: Asian Longhorn Beetle will be invading maples, other illnesses related to failed biodiversity can be expected.
f. Jim is going to send letter to Larry Palm to get his support for our Ash policy
g. Paul, Kathlean, and Tim will work on public awareness signs.
h. Chris Williamson—etymologist wants to treat trees instead of kill them all—potentially an extension of industry, as some of the chemical companies sponsor him, speaking Tues, 9 Dec, at 7 p.m. Penney Branch Local Library
i. Eric Knepp suggests coordinating Bird City 2015 with promotion of Ash Tree replacements

New Business:

IV. Master Planning / Coordination:
a. $25,000 Master Plan, managed by Jacob Tisue
b. Jim states that DNR is announcing wetland restoration at Warner Park Lagoon.
Correction: Jim emailed me to correct that this was not part of his message sent through Trish. Email later sent out to group from Jim, stating, “I just learned that this Wednesday – the 17th, the Public Works Committee takes up a resolution to accept the DNR plan to study the wetland, submitted by engineering.” Minutes-taker is confused.
c. Sally Swenson is writing for DNR Lake Planning Grant.
d. Jacob Tisue is to be invited to next Wild Warner meeting to share his view of the Master Plan

V. Definitions:
a. Need to get a definition (before the City? or in the Master Plan?) defining “Natural Area.”
b. “Green line” is a temptation for builders to impinge right up to green line. Need to create
c. low-maintenance areas at the City level—policy for treatment and non-treatment

VI. Member Business / Comments / Requests:
a. Blair suggests Events Calendar. Jonathan will look into best way to manage online.
b. Kathlean is compiling contacts list.
c. Jack suggests everyone interested sign up for “Lake Tides” out of Steven’s Point.
d. Trish invited all present to Sing to the Trees on 21 Dec at 5:30 p.m., socializing to follow. Meet at Jim and Trish’s.
e. Wild Warner Walk is at 1 p.m. on the same day, meeting at the Rec Center.
f. Blair requested a history of Wild Warner be made available. Paul added, information on the ecology and the history of the park as well. Will be useful for new members, as well as posting on Crane Wall. Trish will help write up the history of the group from her dissertation notes.
g. Fireworks Island: troop was out there; deadheaded plants to dry and seed in the spring. Wayne Paulie can get us hooked up with seeds from Cherokee.

h. Paul’s Items, following meeting with Erik Kneppe, Parks Director:
i. interested in posting Bird City signs along major roads / parks
ii. Dedicate a Nature Education Center at Warner Rec.
iii. Promote nature education
iv. Larger picture: City initiative to promote a Mission Statement regarding nature as being central to freakin’ everything.
v. Coordinate Arbor Day with Bird City, Ash tree efforts—focus on educating about insectivores and value of bird habitat
vi. Someone wants an osprey tower (with camera!) because no one’s precious wood-ducks would be harmed anyway
vii. Kathlean suggests advocating for “Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights,” which was proposed to the legislature last year but not taken up. Coordinating with the advocates for this concept would strengthen wording of all grants / definitions.
viii. Paul also mentions need for subcommittees to deal with issues of fundraising; setting up Birds video display; setting up backpacks for kids, etc. Ref back to Brentwood Gardens kids’ projects coordination.