Jeff Galligan of Middleton sent us a great set of photos, and this note:

I raised my two children De Andre and Dominique within a short distance from Warner Park. It has always been a place we were able to use for recreational pursuits such as football, tennis, soccer, softball and of course Mallards games.
More importantly, Warner Park is a varied and vital ecosystem placed right in the middle of the bustling northside of Madison that allowed me to introduce my children to some of the wonders of nature that dwell and thrive there.
Whether it was insects, turtles, fish, or birds, the exposure to the natural world that they were able to get at Warner Park has provided invaluable knowledge and awareness that positively affected their development and worldview.
It has been wonderful to see the restoration of the natural prairie at Warner and the resultant increase of wildlife and I know that many future generations of northside children can enjoy Warner Park and gain the same invaluable exposure to the natural world that my children did. This is especially critical for those who do not have the means or opportunity to travel to see other natural areas I believe that it is imperative that we protect this legacy and keep the natural integrity of Warner park for all to enjoy.

(All Photos copyright Jeff Galligan)

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