The calm before the (R&B) storm

By Sandy Rezvani

On the eve of the ruin and doom program …

I have a doggie companion and she has to go outside …. So   – we went out this morning ( barely morning )  – opened the door and  …. OMG – I can’t even breathe out here !!

Willy,  ( my dearest friend’s name ) ran after a chipmunk  –  did her potty stuff and I was standing in the shade with sweat running down by face etc… she decided she was going for a walk – whether I liked it or not…. So – ok if we stay in the shade..

Off she went down the sidewalk – not our usual walking path … got to the end of the block and headed for the “creek” and the woods   – well, at least it’s shade !!

Once into the woods it was much cooler – even pleasant – a lovely walk in fact , and some clouds floated by covering that hot orange ball….

She was on a mission, not her usual mode…. I know her fairly well – I figured I knew what the object was …. WATER…..

Got to the shelter house – and straight for the bridge – the closest swim access….

She got in the water and I stood on the bridge  – looking west…
And thanked her once again and all the universe for what she brings to my life …

The magnificent “ picture” that is Warner Park….

There is a Blue Heron flying off to the North..

The Swallows are flying and diving – criss-crossing  6 inches above the water below me

The lily pads are blooming

Many dragonflies darting to and fro

One big extraordinary beautiful electric blue dragonfly hovers just below me – darts off – returns – over and over again

In the distance there are three geese swimming in the lagoon on the dog park side  !!  (they have been sorely missed )

The rocks to the north edge of the water are wet – where the turtles sit when it’s quiet.

On the other side of the bridge a lone duck swims down the “creek”…

And in the audible and visual background the work goes on to set up the destructive invasion of fiery, ear splitting horror that will soon rain down on this indescribable  wonder of our being  ..

If humans would only STOP and LOOK  …

Then I cry…
the quiet beauty of it –
the magnificence of that blue dragonfly –
the geese –
my sweet Willy and the things she brings me –
the fact that I would have been “lazy”  giving in to the heat and never gone there without her insistence….

And  what these beings, plants and spirits will have to endure when the humans “celebrate.”