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Warner Park’s bird list hits 140 species

WW Bird Brochure 2013


Bird Species List

Warner Park 2015

One of Madison’s birding hotspots

This list of 140 species is the result of more than 500-hour participatory research project led

by Ph.D. candidate Trish O’Kane, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Anna

Pidgeon of UW-Madison Wildlife Ecology, Wild Warner, Madison-Audubon,

UW-Madison and Sherman Middle School students, and neighbors helped compile

and verify. The newest species were spotted by Paul Noeldner, Jonathan Santana and Jeff Galligan.

Wild Warner’s bird list brochure is available at the Warner Community Center, the Lakeview Library, the dog park or at a Wild Warner meeting. Pick up a copy and begin your bird watching list in Warner. For a free copy, contact us at [email protected].

Wild Warner categories

C = Conservation Concern

B = Breeding in Warner

M = Migrating through Warner

W = Winters in Warner

* = Still researching habitat use

The list can be downloaded as a pdf here: Bird List 4.25.15