Minutes – October 2013

Wild Warner Committee Meeting October 2013
Wildlife Sightings: Cormorant, geese, rose breasted grosbeak, osprey, juvenile fox, barn owl, puff balls, hummingbird, Wild Warner novices, pileated woodpecker, bluebirds, great egret, cedar waxwing, hawks, downy woodpecker, nuthatch, sphinx moth
November Elections:
Chair and Vice Chair – Tim, Marie?
Treasurer – Marian
Secretary – Marian
Membership Coordinator – Kelly?
Education Coordinator- Paul, Karen
Council – ?
Council -?
Council -?
Education Coordinator is vital to continue Wild Warner’s name.
Ideas: Grad students from Nelson Institute (Trish)
Membership dues need to be created and reviewed at the beginning of the calendar year.
Ideas for Wild Warner 2014
Continue Alliances,
Walks important ( Paul monthly) ,
Membership Drive ( 4th of July- Booth),
Count of pedestrians/ usage of Park (monitor areas all year include statistical analysis),
4th of July Festival walk at the shooting island on the 4th,
Maintain space in Community Center,
Need more media coverage, develop calendar
Need to document who lives in WW (trees, vertebrates, invertebrates)\Trish is going to head this up with possibly the Nelson students
Tree planting in spring
Work on water quality/ dredging, sand trap near dog park needs to be addressed, ,fishery, catch basins, spot dredging instead of basins,
Need to set aside 20 minutes at next meeting to talk about water quality ideas and strategies.
Park Department can we get them to bring monies in for Wild Warner?