The Bluebirds are back


By Paul Noeldner

The Sherman Nature Explorers helped their UW Student Mentors check on the Wild Warner Bluebird Trail boxes on Wednesday March 26. Their sharp eyes spotted beautiful Bluebird pairs perched near three boxes and a nest already started in one. The kids also helped take digiscope pictures from a respectful distance using cellphones through a spotting scope. The boxes will be monitored weekly. The public can enjoy viewing the boxes and birds from nearby but only assigned and trained trail monitors can open the boxes. Its already looking like a good year!


Reminds me of an old folk song that goes something like this: Here comes the laughing Springtime! March will not linger long. Bluebirds have set their wing time, Bluebirds are never wrong. They know the Fairy wingtime, they can tell you in their song!…Falalalalala (repeat).