Wild Warner minutes 11-11-2014

Present:  Jim Carrier, Marian Celesnik, Marie Jacobson, Marcia Finger, Dolores Kester, Karen Hickel, Jack Hurst, Audrey Kalzor, Tim Nelson, Trish O’Kane, Blair Panhorst, Paul Noeldner, Mike and Pam Rewey, Jonathan Santana, Karen Wolf
Nature Sightings:  Three White Pelicans, Bald Eagle
1)  Nature photo exhibit by Arlene Koziol is up at the Warner Park Recreation Center. 
      -Look for Paul’s article in the next Northside News.
2)  Mike will write a letter to Engineering, thanking them for a job well done.  The seeding is native plants, not grass.
     – Mike will write a second letter, asking about tree and shrub replacement.
     – We need to clean out the rocks when trash accumulates.
     – Paul is working on getting the cunette renamed as ‘Castle Creek’  The DNR would be the one to rename.
3) The Ash trees are ribboned, but not the ones in the woods. More info is needed, besides the two existing signs, so that people know what the ribbons mean. A motion passed asking for a moratorium on cutting, to cut only as need, not wholesale cutting. Plant replacement trees first and save some trees by treating. The Adopt-A-Tree program is not a real solution. We need a more affordable way to treat trees. Jim will draft a letter to be sent to Parks, the Alder and the Mayor.
4)  Deep piles of Oak leaves have been blown into the woods. time will send a letter to Craig Klinke.
5)  Dave Marshall’s study of the lagoon was paid for by the Yahara Fisherman’s Club.  Jack passed out copies.
      -Sally Swenson from Engineering is looking into getting a grant from the State for a more extensive study.
6)  Bird and nature walks for 2015 will be every third Sunday at 1:30.
7)  Election of officers:
      Marie Jacobson – President
      Paul Noeldner – Education Coordinator
      Marian Celesnik – Treasurer
      Kathleen Wolf – Secretary
      Blair Panhorst and Karen Hickel – Membership Coordinators
8)  Jonathan Santana volunteered to operate the website.  Jonathan will also let the Volunteer Center as MATC know of our work projects as they come up.