Wild Warner’s vision for Warner Park 4/29/15

The Madison Parks Department is gathering “visions” for the future of Warner Park.

Here is Wild Warner’s vision:

1. Nature recreation – Emphasizing the value of nature education and recreation, and using the park as a classroom. Promoting STEM fields through tutoring and support.

2. Keeping and maintaining nature recreation i.e. fishing, bird sighting, nature walks, expansion through nature center.

3. No expansion of mowed lawn. No construction in current mowed open space. Look for opportunities to increases non-mowed areas.

4. Keeping and restoring natural areas of the park. Maintaining a balanced usage of the park.

5. Make community center more appealing / inviting to children from the area. More family friendly. Expansion of nature center, mentoring.

6. No additional motor vehicle parking lots or structures.

7. Place new buildings / facilities adjacent to the Community Center. Use multiple-use concept in existing buildings.

8. Keep proposed library and Brentwood neighborhood center out of Warner.

9. Include in any Master Plan surveys of the number of people who use the park for nature or leisure recreation, swimming, walking, running, bird viewing, picnickers, dog park etc. along with a complete biome survey of natural areas.

10. Restore and protect habitat of the wetlands.

11. Restore fishery.

12. Plant more than 100% trees that were cut down. Plant more native shrubs.

13. Ongoing support and improvement of beach area / put up algae buoys.

14. If splash pad goes in, put it adjacent to the Community Center.

15. Convert sports field lighting to Dark Sky Compliant.