Enjoy Warner’s wild side before Rhythm and Booms

If you have guests for Rhythm & Booms, wouldn’t it  be a wonderful to take them on a hike through Warner Park,  before you settle down on a blanket for the fireworks. The meadow area usually has few blankets, although the sledding hill might. Put a blanket on sledding hill, bring the binocs, and sit for 30 minutes. During the sunshine you will see multiple butterflies and blue birds. The wood chuck who roams the area might make an appearance. Or maybe the fox family. At dusk, more birds will appear. At twilight, fireflies will make an appearance.

The “dog park” meadow is full of wildlife.

Be sure to hike the woods, where wild flowers are blooming. The wetlands near the Lagoon has dragonflies, damsel flies, red-wing blackbirds, toads and frogs, and a heron who fishes there.  Hummingbirds love the shrub areas. Look up for their favorite perch.

Check out prairie circle, in front of Warner Park Community Recreation Center for lots of blooming wildflowers. Also a few in the flowerbeds that are more natural and wildlife friendly this year.

Without the carnival this year, maybe the animals will not desert the park. Enjoy a different kind of “wild” carnival.

Marlene Hardick–Wild Warner