Geese were rounded up Warner Park in 2012

We have finally received confirmation that geese were rounded up in Warner Park (and other Madison parks) earlier this year.

Trish O’Kane received this information from Chip Lovell of USDA Wildlife Services office in Waupun, WI, and filed this report:

On June 19, 2012, the USDA rounded up 21 Canada Geese (13 adults, 8 goslings) in Warner Park. At least one of the birds had a band (maybe two of them). The USDA did not round up any other species.

Lovell said that the 21 were the only geese in the park at the time. I told him this number was very low for Warner Park–that we usually had around 100 geese in the summertime. He said that Russ Hefty oiled eggs in the spring and the addling was successful. Lovell said that when addling is successful, the adults do not stay. Hefty also told him that there had been some predation of the nests.

Other roundups conducted in Madison Parks in 2012 (I do not know the dates of these):

Tenney Park: 24 geese.
Vilas Park: 123 geese.
Brittingham Park:  28 geese.
Cherokee Park: 11 geese.

Total of 207 Canada Geese rounded up in Madison Parks in 2012. Out of the 207, two of the birds were banded.